Author: lisakoza

Music Video For a Pastor/Musician

I was contacted by a Pastor who is also a musician. He hired me to shoot 4 music videos for him. He didn’t have content, so I found some Creative Commons photos, and used them, placed them to his music, and added words. Here’s a few of the music videos.

Saliva Interview

Shot some video and live performance stuff for the band Saliva. I was brought in by Steel Notes Magazine. Here’s the final product.

Jazz Cat Lessons

I was hired to shoot video for Jazz Guitarist Frank DiBussolo, for an instructional website….teaching Jazz Guitar. Here’s the promo video.

Music Video for Sharon Elizabeth

This project was done in the cold of January, for Sharon Elizabeth.  We did part of it outside in the Bank Street Annex.  The indoor stuff was shot inside the School of Rock.


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